Volunteer with Pride

St Pete Pride is made possible by dedicated volunteers. Volunteering looks different in 2021, and we could really use your help!

Volunteer FAQs

Q. Who makes Pride happen?
A: You!

Q: How many volunteers does it take to put on Pride?
A: It takes approximately 200 volunteers to build, run and clean up the Pride festival and promenade, with approximately 12 volunteers who work year-round to organize and develop the events.

Q: What can I do to help make Pride happen?
A: There are many ways for you to participate at Pride. Many people prefer to contribute their time in more than one way! Some people prefer to volunteer year-round; others only help out during the event. Volunteer registration for June's Pride Week opens in April.

Q: Do I get a free ticket to the paid events if I volunteer?
A: That’s perhaps the most commonly asked question. Here’s the scoop: receiving a ticket in exchange for volunteering is incredibly rare. If it does occur, it usually applies to people who have worked within the organization year-round as volunteers in roles that they have worked towards over time. The roles held by these individuals are not quickly or easily assumed. Generally a person will volunteer on a committee for a while, sometimes years. Then, they become a Board member or become more involved in other ways. It is best not to expect a free ticket for any volunteer work you do, but volunteering in itself is more than worth it. Ask around, most people feel that volunteering not only brings you closer to the LGBTQ+ community, it enhances your experience at our events, and that alone is enough of a reward!

Q: Can I volunteer even though I’ve never been to Pride?
A: Yes! First timers are welcome to volunteer! Be aware, first-timer Pridesters can find themselves completely overwhelmed by their experiences and don’t always fulfill their onsite volunteer commitments (even though they mean well and want to). You may want to consider volunteering your time before or after the event if it is to be your first Pride. If you do decide to lend a hand during the event, please make sure to schedule some relaxation into your day. We recommend you avoid signing up for more than two shifts if this your first Pride experience.

Q: How much time does volunteering take; do I have to volunteer all day?
A: Only you can decide how much time you would like to spend volunteering. Each shift is 2 - 4 hours long, depending on the role. For some roles, you’re welcome to volunteer as often as you like, be it one hour or all day. Other areas have a more structured schedule that’s followed. A few roles have training sessions that you should plan on attending. We do not encourage “walking up” to volunteer, so please plan ahead.

Q: Is there a volunteer briefing I should attend?
A: Yes! We have an informational briefing for volunteers to attend along with training sessions. These will usually be the week of the event; the person heading up your committee will reach out to you regarding the necessary information.

Q: Can I still volunteer even if I am unable to attend pre-event meetings?
A: Yes! We need your help! A great deal of work takes place during the event. If there is important information discussed in pre-event meetings it will be passed along via email. However, these pre-event meetings usually include door-prizes, so it’s recommend that you come so you don’t miss out!

Q: Is volunteering fun?
A: Yes!!! Volunteering allows you to participate, meet new people, learn new things and will add to your and everyone else’s overall experiences.